The Churchill Natural Collection


The Churchill Natural Collection of beds have a reinforced box foundation which is the main supportive core and a luxurious thick mattress top which is an independent component that increases comfort. The padding is made of natural Talalay latex that is harvested without the use of chemicals from the milk of the rubber tree, found in both the support mattress and top, which has a firm and spongy consistency that conforms to your body, yet also adjusts as you move, without “locking” you into an unhealthy position such as memory foam. The natural Talalay latex topper is wrapped in a soft stretch cotton blend cover that feels soothing next to the skin. This cotton fiber naturally extracts excess moisture from your body keeping you cool and dry.

In addition to the natural Talalay latex, there are internal layers of purified wool in the Churchill Natural beds that add more lining and regulate your body temperature. The purified wool does not retain heat but is a very effective regulator. The latex and wool in the Churchill Natural Collection are both porous and can breathe, thus keeping you at a comfortable temperature all night which is essential for an uninterrupted night’s sleep. In addition, the Churchill Natural beds are designed for durability. They have a 20-plus year lifespan when used in conjunction with the plush mattress top because the support mattress along with the thick mattress top can be flipped. Peaceful nights start with a healthy mattress that cradles and supports your body as you sleep.


  • Made with Talalay Natural Latex
  • New Zealand Natural Wool
  • Organic Natural Cotton & Organic Natural Cotton
Mattress Size

Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King