Organic Alpaca and Wool Pillow by Crescent Moon


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This handcrafted pillow is filled with the finest alpaca fiber and wool batting, and encased in a lusciously soft 100% GOTS certified + micron tested organic cotton fabric (260 TC). This cloud-like filling combination provides a fluffy loft that will gently cradle you to sleep.

When you discover rejuvenating and restful sleep with the Alpaca and Wool Pillow, you will find comfort in these benefits that go beyond a great night’s sleep:

Allergy Relief
Breathe in that fresh morning air; alpaca fiber and wool batting are both hypoallergenic, and the encasement has been micron-tested and impenetrable by dust mites. This combination creates an environment that is protected from dust mites and other allergens.
Environmentally Friendly
Sleep easy at night knowing that the animals who helped to create your pillow are raised in a pesticide-free environment and that their coats are a natural renewable resource. No chemicals, bleaches, or dyes are used in processing our wool; and the fabric encasement is 100% organic cotton, so you may give back to the planet with a completely bio-degradable piece when you are done with it.


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