Noodle-Tencel™ Blend Pillow by Suite Sleep


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Noodle/Tencel™/RPET is our latest pillow fill option for our hot new pillow! We blend the soft silky Tencel fibers with recycled polyester and then add slow-release latex noodles to create a soft, resilient feel. The clusters are made in the same way as our ever-popular Woolly Bolas, but have a softer silkier feel.

    As with all of our fiber pillows, the fill is totally adjustable to your liking and the Tencel™/organic cotton knit cover features a zipper for easy fill removal, making it perfect for all types of sleepers! Tencel is a great fiber for sleep products because it is moisture-wicking, breathable, and silky. Tencel is a manufactured fiber from Austria using 20% less water than cotton and comes from sustainable Eucalyptus trees. Latex noodles are from the punches in continuous poured latex sheets. Our proprietary blend uses slow-release latex, so it is especially resilient and spongy for a perfect sleep.


    An Organic Cotton Cover comes standard with every pillow.

    Made in the USA



    Standard, Queen, King, Side